Application powered by Laravel and Twitter bootstrap

I have a new laravel/twitter bootstrap powered HR application about to go live, I'll summarize what it is about.

Scraping HTML Links for Importing into Database

I am converting a static based page that contains links to support documents to a page that is now CMS driven.

I whipped up some code to help automate the process.

Upgrading to ExpressionEngine 2

Here is my latest scattered post about upgrading to ExpressionEngine 2...

Get Data from specific Matrix field

Retrieve data from a specific field from a custom matrix field

Title to Category ID(s)

Just released an ExpressionEngine 2 plugin that allows you to return all the category ids of the url_title you supply it.

Filler for ExpressionEngine 2

An improvement upon Extra Entries. Adds filler content when your channel doesn't contain enough entries for your webpage.

Extra Entries for ExpressionEngine 2

@foamcow needed to display a set number of blocks on a webpage, even if the channel/weblog did not contain that many entries, so I whipped up a plugin.

Move Field Data in ExpressionEngine v1

You may need to move data from its original field, to a new field you created for it. I ran into this issue using Brandon Kelly's gypsy field, which served me well, but as you may know, upgrading to v2 is a challenge when keeping your field data in order.

Queries to Run for ExpressionEngine 2 Upgrade

Here are some queries you can manually run while doing a EE2 upgrade.